Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And I Don't Care What They Say, I'm Gunna Be With You <3

so alot has happened since i last posted on here. ive been in and out of a few relationships and now im back with nate from the last post. we broke up because he was partying with some friends and he got so drunk that he made out with another chick and he had to get some shit straightened up. when he did he told me that he was done with all that stuff and asked for me back i said yes but it was going to be a little bit before we would actually date because that day i broke up with someone. so then we hung out a few times but i didnt want to wait anymore so we made it official. people have been saying oh how long is going to be this time because i was boy jumping. but now im with nate whether people like it or not, I'M NOT LEAVING HIM :) i kinda wanna punch some people in the face because they wont keep their mouth shut. but oh well in a year and a half im out of here :) things have gotten better at home and im doing better in school and hopefully things even out. i now have a job at subway :) i love eating there and now i get free food when i work :) but anyways im not excited for nate to leave. he goes to afghanistan on sept. 4, 2010. i just hope that he comes home safe and back to me. im falling in love with this kid pretty fast :) but i getta see him later tonight :) so peace for now. :)