Wednesday, March 31, 2010

life goes on...

so its been a few months since ive updated everyone, but nate and i broke up, drugs were getting in the way and i dont know why i stayed with him so long. he would choose them over me and i got tired of it. i know i say that im gunna stay with someone for a long time and im not gunna let them go but idk. after nate and i broke up i stared dating tommy who was a football player and baseball player who was really hot. i dated him for about 2 months and there was alot that happened. i gave up something and thought it would last but it didnt. he wasnt treating me right and i was done with it. now im with spencer and we've been dating for a little over a month now. i love him but i found out a while ago that im moving to florida at the end of june. i still wanna try to make it work but im not sure if i can make it work... im so confused about what to do. ive lost half of my friends because apparently they think im a stupid whore and its not like im sleeping around ive only had sex with 2 guys and they were the last one and this one. i dont know what i should do anymore. im in class right now and im about to break out in tears. someone who i was really good friends with decided that he hates me and called me a whore and walked away. on top of that all my mom and dad are arguing about me and my sister moving and i just want it all to end! i cant stop shaking and my palms are all sweaty. i just wanna go hide and never come out. im actually looking foward to moving to get away from all of these people that wont shut their fucking mouths. so many stupid people fucking dont leave me alone and let me live! :'(