Friday, March 18, 2011

long time no see

its been almost a year since i have been on and posted anything. but i think that im going to change up my posts and cut the crap with the guys. sure i have a boyfriend now but im not gunna bore you with all of these details because its all going pretty well right now. but anywaysss, i moved to florida and that is why i havnt posted really but i moved here at the end of june last year and its not the same part i used to live in. but its not too bad. im now a senior in high school and on my way to college. i got accepted to two community colleges but one of them is back in iowa so im staying here because its loads cheaperr. i do miss iowa and want to go back for some people mainly my dad and my friends. its a lot warmer here and im enjoying it here now. at first i was extremely skeptical about moving here but its not so bad after you make friends and get used to it. but the town im in is still developing so there is not a bunch of things to do but chill in the cold pool or watch tv. i have recently fallen in love with the show Weeds. I am on season 4 and half way through but i have to go to my boyfriends to watch it because he has it all on his computer but his moniter is a flat screen tv. rediculous i know but awesome :) but its about a mom of two who deals pot to support her family after her husband had died of a heart attack and is just a great story line a bunch of twists and its pretty funny at the same time but you'll have to look it up. it comes on showtime but i have no idea when and the newest season is the 6thh and you have to watch it from the start to understand everything. but ill write some more later. time for math class :) byee<3