Tuesday, May 17, 2011

prom and so on :)

so prom was pretty awesome. my dress was amazing and my date looked great. we danced and had some fun. after prom we went to the hotel and chilled and watched some tv. my dress actually got stuck on me after prom we had to break the zipper to get it off because i would not come off any other way but at least it looked great for one night. but other than that, jeff and i had a rough patch hit this past weekend but we got everything fixed last night. im glad that he can tell that i wanted to work things out with him and wasnt giving up. but other than that im not really sure what all is new. this is the last regular school week for me in high school! next week is some classes and all finals. i can not wait to be done. then i graduate june 4th and im done with high school for good! next week on monday is the first day of registration for my community college. i can not wait to be done! then i get to start out with my career! i still need a part time job to be able to pay for all of this crap. i turn 18 this week and im going to get my belly button peirced i think maybe something else instead but i know im getting at least my first tattoo :D cant wait! well gotta go! talk to you later! byee!!! :D