Friday, October 16, 2009

i think im fallin for ya :)

Wow so my life has been crazy since i last posted. i have gotten a new boyfriend, which is that one guy i talked about last time. i like him alot and im really falling for him. but there is a slight problem... my parents dont like's because he smokes and he is 18 and he doesnt live with his parents anymore. so i went to his house after school one day and my friend brooklin came with because we were supposed to go to youth group later. but i decided that i didnt really feel like going so we stayed at his house until we had to be home. everything was good until my mom started asking me about youth group. i answered like i had been there but i didnt know that the guy who normally runs the youth group wasnt there and i got caught. my step dad tried telling me that i had to break up with him because they didnt like me dating him and if i didnt break up with him they would call the cops but i told them to go ahead and do it because the cops wont do anything about it because they cant. we arent doing anything illeagal. so i dont know but im still going to stay with him because i like him alot. im thinking that it could turn out to be me falling in love.....