Thursday, October 8, 2009

In and Out, Up and Down

Everyone goes through relationships, whether they are intimate or just as friends. I have had many of both. There are many people who actually criticize me for how many inanimate(boyfriend/girlfriend) relationships i have. Really i just have learned to move on fast so it doesn't hurt as bad if i get dumped. i also am the type to give people a chance. i dated this one kid for about 5 days and then 3 days later i started dating someone else. I broke up with him like 4 days later. that was yesterday. i do actually like a guy right now but he's almost 19 and he is in the army and he leaves for Afghanistan in a year. im not too sure what i want to do. in a way, i wanna be single to avoid getting hurt and avoid hurting people but i dont necessarily want to be just going around from guy to guy. everyone is telling me to slow down and not be concerned about guys but i will openly admit i flirt wayy too much to not have a guy that im either dating or having some kind of relationship with. but i dont want to be labeled as a whore. But for some reason i dont stop myself from hanging out with nate, the 19 year old, and i dont know. he wants to hang out with me later today and i want to hang out with him but i dont know if i have the flu or not and if i do i wont be able to hang out with him. but i dont know. so on with the crazy life... :)