Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love Story

Yesterday, I saw the one person that I have been through a lot with... Micheal, my ex-boyfriend. We dated about 2 years ago. We dated 3 different times but have had a thing, kind of, the whole time. There were rumors of him cheating on me and lying to me about a lot of things. His best friend, Aaron, was telling me that he cheated on every girl he ever dated and that he has a girlfriend now. Well he decided to show up at our school yesterday because he misses people here and he used to go here but then our freshmen year he got expelled. Every time I see him, all of the feelings that i have and had for him come rushing back to me. I know what happened in the past and I remember all the crap he put me through. But I still have such a strong hate for him, no matter what. I know that I will always love him but I could never be with him again. So I told him at school when I saw him to call me sometime because his friend never tells him for me. Later at night, my phone starts going off, and i hear the ringtone, "Here We Go Again", by Demi Lovato and i knew exactly who it was. That song can describe my relationship with him and it's set to when ever he calls me. So I answered it without thinking really. We talked for about 5 minutes really and he told me that Aaron was lying about a lot of stuff that had to do with Micheal. But he told me that he had to go eat and before he said goodbye he said, "I love you". And out of instinct I said, "love you too", without even thinking. I was almost in shock when I realized what I just said. I am always mixed up with him no matter what happens. And I know that I mean it when I tell him that I love him, but it gives him that hope that we could be together again. But I know deep down that it could never happen because of my fear of getting hurt by him again. He has broken my heart so many times but I don't know why I always go back to him after all he has done to me. But hopefully I'll get set on the path I need to be on.