Monday, September 14, 2009

Some luck...(at least I hope)

So normally i have been writing about love and relationships, but lately ive been going pretty steady with one guy. we started out not really knowing eachother but we have a lot of mutual friends. he got my number from his friend zach and i just thought he was just being like how he always is, just kinda random. then zach was texting me and told me that he thinks that rowan likes me, which is the guy im going steady with now. at first i didnt really believe him because we didnt really know eachother. but when i asked zach how he knew he just said well im his best friend i think i should know. so i was a little surprised to hear that but i didnt mind getting to know him and seeing what could happen. i had to go to a wedding that weekend so i didnt really hangout with anyone but i did talk to my ex boyfriend tyler, who is friends with rowan. i told him that i heard that rowan liked me and tyler goes oh yeah i know that and i asked him why he didnt tell me and what all rowan said. he goes i dont know and he said that he thought that you were hot and i was lucky that i dated you but he was like goddamn you tyler now i cant date her. so i asked tyler to talk to rowan for me because tyler knows that i wont ever go back to him. so a couple days later on tuesday we had just got back from a 3 day weekend and i didnt feel good so i went home early after 1st hour and i went home to rest. rowan texted me and said that tyler had talked to him and said that rowan and i should date. but we both thought that we needed to get to know eachother better. so we texted some more and later that night rowan asked me to go to homecomming with him and i said yes. i was pretty excited because i have been to homecomming before but this was the first year i actually had a date to go with. so we hungout a few times during the week and i have really started liking him a lot. and we are taking things slow which i think is great because we both have had some bad luck in relationships and i think that this will turn out pretty good. well at least i hope it will.