Monday, September 14, 2009

Not so great life....

Most teenagers have problem with their parents. but i dont think a lot of them have to call the cops because people cant just get along. well tonight i got the chance to expierience that feeling. i was at my dads this weekend and when he took me home i was in an okay mood. im never really that excited to come home to my moms anyways. i needed to have a door handle be put on my door because my mom and my step dad got mad that i was locking the door all of the time. so when my step dad put it on again he put it so it locked from the outside and it was hard in general to open it so i had told my dad what happened because he was still sitting outside with my little sister. he had told me to let them know that if they didnt take it off then he would call child services. well my step dad didnt like hearing that at all, so he marched outside and started yelling at my dad and then my step dad walked towards my dad and was yelling at him. i was getting scared so i ran to my kitchen to get then phonebook and i looked up the cedar rapids police department number and i called them and explained what had happened and who was there and everything. the cops had shown up about 5 min after my dad had left so i wanted to explain to them what happened but my mom of course turned the story around to make it seem like my dad was the bad guy in all of this but really its my step dad that i dont like. he is really controlling of everything i do. im really getting annoyed with it because im always in trouble because im the disrespectful teenager.