Thursday, May 19, 2011


finally this year is comming to an end! today im finally 18 so to celebrate, im getting my belly button pierced and maybe my first tattoo depending on the cost of the tattoo. can not wait!!! im kinda nervous but excited at the same time. but at least i get more presents today and this weekend. but the thing that sucks is im sick and have been the past two days. i was throwing up yesterday and today my throat hurts really bad. this sucks. but oh well ill get over it. im 18 today!!!! 2 tests today then tomorrow i have one test. thank god im done after this!!! woot woot! but im actually pretty exausted i had homework last night and i was up late. but oh well. not really sure what to say. ill write later. sorry for such a short post!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

prom and so on :)

so prom was pretty awesome. my dress was amazing and my date looked great. we danced and had some fun. after prom we went to the hotel and chilled and watched some tv. my dress actually got stuck on me after prom we had to break the zipper to get it off because i would not come off any other way but at least it looked great for one night. but other than that, jeff and i had a rough patch hit this past weekend but we got everything fixed last night. im glad that he can tell that i wanted to work things out with him and wasnt giving up. but other than that im not really sure what all is new. this is the last regular school week for me in high school! next week is some classes and all finals. i can not wait to be done. then i graduate june 4th and im done with high school for good! next week on monday is the first day of registration for my community college. i can not wait to be done! then i get to start out with my career! i still need a part time job to be able to pay for all of this crap. i turn 18 this week and im going to get my belly button peirced i think maybe something else instead but i know im getting at least my first tattoo :D cant wait! well gotta go! talk to you later! byee!!! :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

end of the year!!!!

so not too much has happened since i last posted. but things are going well you could say. im so excited that prom is friday! :D and then next week is the big 18! :D im pretty excited to go out to a club and just go have fun. but i cant wait to finally be able to get out and do stuff that's actually fun. ive been looking for cars so i can finally have my first car! i wanted this car that was about $2700 but for now i only have just over $2000 in a trust. i will probably get more for graduation but it will probably go to a laptop first then to the car. i need a laptop for college first and i want one that has a webcam on it so i can use skype and omegle and what not. omegle has been my new addiction. its basically an anonymos site to chat with people. mostly its just guys jacking off but occassionally there are some nice people on there. but i like messing with people on the text chats cuz you can be anyone you want. i tell the truth for the most part just to see if people are for real. there are some creeps but disconnecting the convo is easy. you meet people from different states and countries even. its pretty cool. but anyways enough of that. i will post pictures from prom up afterwards. and speaking of pictures, i have a website with some of my photography its called KEG Photography. url: and there is just some amatur stuff on there. but i will eventually make a facebook and twitter for it. but i will probably do that later and put some links on here. im not too sure that there has been anything new besides school getting over in two weeks then graduate in three. i really cant wait! well i gotta go do some science! see ya later!