Wednesday, April 20, 2011

brief update :)

so i know i said no more boy stories but..... yeah me and jeff broke up. it just wasnt right for us i guess. i wasnt happy anymore. but i do still have a date to prom thank god! haha its actually a really good friend of mine that has liked me for a while but i usually had a boyfriend and one time i was actually single he was dating this other girl. but i guess its alright. hes super sweet! last night he rode his bike 6 1/2 miles just to see me for like 20 minutes. and everynight when he goes to bed he says, "goodnight sweet dreams beautiful" ahh its so cute. but i told him i dont want a relationship just yet so we are really close friends until then. haha. but anyways. today is 4-20... so of course everyone and their brother is higher than a fucking kite today, or at least will be. i hate that stuff. but im not going on my rant about weed just yet. maybe next time when i have more time to talk. but anyways ive just been having a good time. its been a week and im okay with it. its hard getting used to doing nothing again but oh well. well i have more to tell you but i guess its gotta wait. math time. ugh test :/ see you later!