Monday, April 25, 2011

happy again :)

so again with the drama. jeff and i are back together. it was only a week break so not much really changed. i guess im just a little crazy. but anyways everything is back to the way it was for the most part. we are back together and happy again. he spent the weekend with me basically again. he stayed one night though because i didnt want him driving home too late and he had taken his pain killers because his wisdom teeth are growing in sideways. but anyways... prom is just around the corner and im so excited! this weekend im going to see Fast Five with jeff and im like about to jump out of my skin because im so excited! this is just a good ending to my senior year. i cant believe im going to be graduating this year! i have a feeling i will be writing more than i have been because ill be able to be around a computer and i will be able to type more and what not. but im exausted from this weekend with the drama and getting back together with jeff and chasing away the girls who tried to get with him. but oh well. im happy again :) well i will talk to you later!