Thursday, April 7, 2011


so i know i said i wouldnt bore you with boys and stuff like that but i got my prom dress a few days ago and it is gorgeous! im so excited for prom! its 6 days before my birthday but my parents gave the okay for me to stay over night at the hotel with jeff! his mom said she would pay for it as long as my mom said it was okay and im surprised she did! but she also knew that her and my step dad did the same thing on their prom night so she said it was okay! :D im soo excited! the next thing on my list is to get my shoes but since me and jeff are the same height im going to be towering over him but i think im going to go with silver heels because im wearing a silver tiara :) im getting my nails done for that night so im sooo excited! i know i keep saying that but im almost done! i have one more quarter left of high school! i cant wait to graduate! and my parents dont know yet but jeff and i are looking for apartments by SCF the school we are both going to be going to next year but itll be his 3rd year there. we found a place that has decent rent and a $500 deposit with a $25 application fee. so as long as we both have a job by then and work a good 20-30 hours a week we could be able to afford it and we would be able to have our own place! im so excited! its only been two months with him but its pretty different because we dont fight and we just can hangout and do whatever its not all about sex and not about stupid stuff like that. but we reallly care about eachother and he makes me happy and my family loves him and his parents love me so its a good relationship. by prom itll be 3 months and after that when im 18 ill tell my mom that he is really 21 and see how that goes. he doesnt drink excessively and i dont drink much but i hope they will be okay with it. Im probably boring you again but i love this guy. i can see a future with him. but anyways i still have to fill out financial aid stuff to get money for college but when i move out i could qualify for more money. but i probably have to get going. we have a homeroom today and i have no idea when its at haha. but ill see you later! byee :) <33