Wednesday, April 27, 2011

busy busy bee

not much has happened since last time i wrote but i thought i would just stop by and say hey. i have a lot of shit to do before graduation. i still have my career shadow to do and im thinking about just saying screw it and shadowing the resource officer here. i havent remembered to call the office. and i just need to get that done soon! but other than that i have my kiddie lit project to do for friday. we are done and all we need is minor things for the kids. as a senior exit project we had to get into groups and create a children's book for a specific grade. we got kindergarden so we just had to make a story with 3 lessons and rhyming so they find it fun. we also had to create 3 activities for them. one arts and crafts, one writing, and another as a game. well i really need to explain later! ill write later maybe tonight :) see ya! <3