Wednesday, April 27, 2011

busy busy bee

not much has happened since last time i wrote but i thought i would just stop by and say hey. i have a lot of shit to do before graduation. i still have my career shadow to do and im thinking about just saying screw it and shadowing the resource officer here. i havent remembered to call the office. and i just need to get that done soon! but other than that i have my kiddie lit project to do for friday. we are done and all we need is minor things for the kids. as a senior exit project we had to get into groups and create a children's book for a specific grade. we got kindergarden so we just had to make a story with 3 lessons and rhyming so they find it fun. we also had to create 3 activities for them. one arts and crafts, one writing, and another as a game. well i really need to explain later! ill write later maybe tonight :) see ya! <3

Monday, April 25, 2011

happy again :)

so again with the drama. jeff and i are back together. it was only a week break so not much really changed. i guess im just a little crazy. but anyways everything is back to the way it was for the most part. we are back together and happy again. he spent the weekend with me basically again. he stayed one night though because i didnt want him driving home too late and he had taken his pain killers because his wisdom teeth are growing in sideways. but anyways... prom is just around the corner and im so excited! this weekend im going to see Fast Five with jeff and im like about to jump out of my skin because im so excited! this is just a good ending to my senior year. i cant believe im going to be graduating this year! i have a feeling i will be writing more than i have been because ill be able to be around a computer and i will be able to type more and what not. but im exausted from this weekend with the drama and getting back together with jeff and chasing away the girls who tried to get with him. but oh well. im happy again :) well i will talk to you later!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

brief update :)

so i know i said no more boy stories but..... yeah me and jeff broke up. it just wasnt right for us i guess. i wasnt happy anymore. but i do still have a date to prom thank god! haha its actually a really good friend of mine that has liked me for a while but i usually had a boyfriend and one time i was actually single he was dating this other girl. but i guess its alright. hes super sweet! last night he rode his bike 6 1/2 miles just to see me for like 20 minutes. and everynight when he goes to bed he says, "goodnight sweet dreams beautiful" ahh its so cute. but i told him i dont want a relationship just yet so we are really close friends until then. haha. but anyways. today is 4-20... so of course everyone and their brother is higher than a fucking kite today, or at least will be. i hate that stuff. but im not going on my rant about weed just yet. maybe next time when i have more time to talk. but anyways ive just been having a good time. its been a week and im okay with it. its hard getting used to doing nothing again but oh well. well i have more to tell you but i guess its gotta wait. math time. ugh test :/ see you later!

Monday, April 11, 2011

rant, but informational haha

hey so this weekend has been a bit crazy i guess you could say. im not sure if i told you last week that i had gotten suspended for 2 days for my cell phone. of course the one to take it from me was the teacher that i hate the most. we have had problems from the beggining of the school year to even now. he makes me so angry! i have been to "time-out", or in school suspention, iss, so many times i lost count! all because of him. he always is just an ass to me and i dont put up with his shit so i just dont do anything in that class. i know that now i have to actually try because he is one of the factors of me graduating. but ive already said, im starting a petition to get him out of this school. not just for me but for other kids who he treats like that. once im graduated im going to make sure he knows im the one who started it all. but my mom is fully supportive of me doing this. she knows that he picks on me and some other students in the class. when my brother still went to this school we had that one class together and we pretty much raised hell. we both got in trouble in there and i usually got in trouble for sleeping because i just didnt care. i havnt slept in there recently but he also found out id rather be in timeout than in his class. but anyways, he got me suspended and i had to stay home for two days. while i was home i had to clean the house and other chores. tuesday i was going to do all of the outside work because monday was too hot for me to go out. but it rained tuesday so i had it pushed back. i had to pick up the dog poop in the back yard and pull weeds out front and it was annoying. i was supposed to also clean the garage and stuff but i didnt want to haha. so i kinda got away with it for now. but saturday night my parents had friends over for dinner and jeff came too. it was alright i guess. but me and jeff had a talk about things and we both said that we spend too much time together. i was kind of getting sick of him but i didnt want it to be like every other relationship. but we kinda talked and things were okay until my friend met me at this little strip thing that has a bunch of shops and a movie theater and resaraunts and what not, and we used to like eachother earlier durring the summer. he basically screwed me over for this girl that he was with for like 8 months and a week ago they broke up. so we started talking again and then feelings kinda came back. i mean we talked about jeff but there were things that i realized bug me about him that justin doesnt do. and justin goes to my school and he is going to prom and my fear was i wouldnt have anyone to go with if me and jeff break up. but last night jeff reserved a hotel room for $231. oh did i mention its non-refundable? ugh. so i cant just kick him to the curb and i still have feelings for him. but i guess we will see how it all goes.. but on a happier note, i bought my shoes and accessories, except for a bag, for prom! i have these cute silver shoes that go along with my purple dress and i got a tiarra and a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet :D but anyways. homeroom is almost over with. see you later!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


so i know i said i wouldnt bore you with boys and stuff like that but i got my prom dress a few days ago and it is gorgeous! im so excited for prom! its 6 days before my birthday but my parents gave the okay for me to stay over night at the hotel with jeff! his mom said she would pay for it as long as my mom said it was okay and im surprised she did! but she also knew that her and my step dad did the same thing on their prom night so she said it was okay! :D im soo excited! the next thing on my list is to get my shoes but since me and jeff are the same height im going to be towering over him but i think im going to go with silver heels because im wearing a silver tiara :) im getting my nails done for that night so im sooo excited! i know i keep saying that but im almost done! i have one more quarter left of high school! i cant wait to graduate! and my parents dont know yet but jeff and i are looking for apartments by SCF the school we are both going to be going to next year but itll be his 3rd year there. we found a place that has decent rent and a $500 deposit with a $25 application fee. so as long as we both have a job by then and work a good 20-30 hours a week we could be able to afford it and we would be able to have our own place! im so excited! its only been two months with him but its pretty different because we dont fight and we just can hangout and do whatever its not all about sex and not about stupid stuff like that. but we reallly care about eachother and he makes me happy and my family loves him and his parents love me so its a good relationship. by prom itll be 3 months and after that when im 18 ill tell my mom that he is really 21 and see how that goes. he doesnt drink excessively and i dont drink much but i hope they will be okay with it. Im probably boring you again but i love this guy. i can see a future with him. but anyways i still have to fill out financial aid stuff to get money for college but when i move out i could qualify for more money. but i probably have to get going. we have a homeroom today and i have no idea when its at haha. but ill see you later! byee :) <33